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All about us?

At Super Stitches commercial sewing, we've built our reputation on affordable curtains that add beauty and function to your work and living spaces.  We have produced thousands of curtains in every shape and size imaginable and we continually strive to provide the best service possible.

We're not going to relate an extensive "About Us" where we tell you that this business was born in Columbus, Ohio and how we started with a camping store sewing  tents and backpacks then cheetah collars then banners that circled an entire city block then our employees got pregnant and we began sewing stage curtains and moved the business to Youngstown, Ohio and then we had gray hair.  We would never put you through that.  Glad you found us and we're ready to help you design whatever your heart desires so there - it's not about us after all.     T.S.

  • Theater Curtains
  • Specialty Curtains
  • Track Hardware
  • Banner Sewing
  • Sewing Instruction